Agneta Borstein

Agneta Borstein

Agneta Borstein

Astrology is a divination tool based on the date, time and birth place of an individual, and allows that person to make his or her own decisions based on a consultation with an Astrologer. By utilizing planetary cycles, here Agneta and the client will reach an understanding that can benefit the current situation. Astrology dates back to ancient times when the sky was observed and chartered by hand. Today Astrologers use computers in their work, promoting more accurate information. Both then and now, the Astrologer was able to use the sky as a tool not only for empowering the client, but also in helping him or her to move along on their individual path to wholeness.

Shamanism dates back thousands of years in most societies when the Shamanic Practitioners knew how to read the signs of the Sky. A surge of its ancient rituals, and observations of the Sky’s exquisite natural cycles have assisted individuals throughout the Globe in entering new stages of consciousness. By utilizing ancient techniques and rituals with deep respect, our modern day Shamanic Practitioner allows the client to receive an alternative healing method.

The Astrologer and Shamanic Practitioner merge with the individual’s desire to release old wounds, stagnated unexplained emotions and trust in renewed Spirit … results happens.

Agneta Borstein is a practicing Western astrologer who uses an East-West astrological approach to her work. Her services include the Western, as well as the Eastern astrological systems, and Shamanic Consultations. Agneta incorporates her AstroShamanic work with over thirty years as a Professional Astrologer with her education in Advanced Initiation in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Ms. Borstein is the author of The Moon’s Nodes, a Churning Process of the Soul and The Moon’s Nodes, Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind.




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